What Not to Do When Meeting a Nottingham Escort

There are many Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to meeting gorgeous Nottingham Escorts like the models our agency specialises in the offering. So what I am going to be doing today is going over some of the most common do's and don't s when it comes to booking companion from Honeys Escorts, so you aren't left red-faced and embarrassed whenever you use of services.These are all things that either current or former companions at our agency have told me they get. As our blogs are dedicated to helping punter I am going to be giving you some solutions so you can have an escort booking you will never forget.

As you are probably aware of anything there are a number of things that you can and can not do when you are meeting a Nottingham escort. Below are some of these that you should keep in mind when you are meeting an escort in The Midlands

Keep to your booking time 

One of the most important things that many seem to forget when booking a companion is that this is the companions job and she wants to keep to her schedule. Working as a Nottingham escort is a rather stressful job and it takes a lot of time keeping to ensure that clients are met on time and ensuring that the companion has enough time to get sorted. We want all of our clients to have equally an amazing time and that is why we are strict with time. When you are meeting a Nottingham escort you expect them to be looking their very best so if you arrived at a booking and your companion is not ready then its only ever the fault of the previous client running late. If you are going to be meeting one of our Nottingham escorts then make sure that you are not only on time and if you are not going to be on time then you let them know why.

If you are going to be meeting a Nottingham escort then make sure that you are not only on time and if you are not going to be on time then you let them know why. If you show up to your booking and are running late then there are two possible outcomes to this. First, you will be seen by your companion but your booking will shorter than expected so if you had planned an hour booking and show up 20 minutes late then you can expect to only have a 40-minute long booking.

Secondly, your companion will inform you that the booking has been cancelled as they do not have enough time to provide the service you have requested. It is a different situation, but our agency has high standards and if our models don't think they can exceed your wildest expectations in the shortened booking then this will be the outcome. From this point, you can either go and look at getting your booking rescheduled or you can look at booking a different companion from our stunning Nottingham escorts gallery

Never Ask For A Discount

I am going to start this one out with a very simple blank statement DON'T ever ask for a discount on your booking. When you have found the companion you want to book from our agency, we have rates listed on each of our girl's profiles. These rates are not up for discussion especially considering we already believe that our rates for the sexiest escorts in Nottingham who deliver the highest quality companionship services are the cheapest in the industry. Just read the reviews on our girl's profiles and you will see how special each girl is.

The reason I say don't ask for a discount is that for many of our escorts this is a career which they give so much back to and the money they receive from bookings is what they use to pay bills, buy new toys and to generally help improve your booking experience. It is an insult to ask for a discount and represents you being unhappy with the service our girl has provided. On the very rare occasion that you may be left disappointed by one of our services, you can always contact our agency and we will get in contact with you regarding the issue and try to sort something out for you.

Read The Girls Bio and Listed Services

A common trend with people who are booking escorts in their local area is that they don't read any of the girl's profile at all which can cause a few problems. The first problem being, if you don't read the girl's profile you will have no idea what services the girls offer meaning you may show up to the booking, request services that the girl doesn't offer and be left disappointed when you discover we haven't catered an experience to your every need. Asking one of our escorts to perform the service despite it not being offered can also kill the mood and really affect the date especially if you offend our girls. If you have a specific service that you desire then make sure that you let your companion know ahead of time so then we can plan it. If you get in touch with our team beforehand we can also recommend you girls who match the criteria you are looking for.