Advantages To Escorting

All jobs have there pro's and cons. There are aspects of our jobs we love and aspects of our jobs we absolutely hate but rarely do we find jobs where the perks well, massively outweigh the cons but so is the case with escorting. So let's remove some negative stigma, replace some incorrect connotations and inform you of the amazing perks of being an escort. So whether you're contemplating a possible career in the escorting profession or you're already an escort who hasn't quite realised all the amazing perks of her profession, we're here to help you.

The Benefits To Escorting in Nottingham

One of the better perks to escorting is the expensive hotels. You can choose to operate out of a hotel if you'd prefer clients not to come to your own place of residence or maybe you don't feel comfortable enough meeting them at their chosen location so a small perk within the perk, is your business comes to you. The real perk here is the expensive hotels though which come with lovely luxurious beds, high thread count on the sheets, beautiful expensive decor, room service on call and a turndown service to make sure you always have fresh towels and a clean room. The spectacular views, spacious rooms and staff waiting on you is something a lot of us could get used too, and as an escort, it's pretty much your job to get used to this type of luxury living.

Dress To Impress

As well as the expensive hotels, are the expensive attire you get to wear regularly. As an escort you have to look elite almost all the time, constantly boasting your ridiculous beauty and to put it bluntly, showing off why you are worth paying for. Clients are also willing to pay the price and with that comes certain expectations like a beautiful woman with a keen fashion sense, the latest lingerie pieces and beautiful expensive shoes. Sometimes clients who are more particular about what they want may even bring you expensive shoes and dresses to wear during the booking or even to keep as a gift. Who wouldn't want to wear designer clothes and get paid for it?

A Good Payday

Whether it's your reason for escorting or not, the money factor is a pretty significant player in why many escorts choose, and stick with the profession, On average the UK minimum wage is around £7 an hour and your ability to manoeuvre in your tax bracket depends entirely on your employer. In escorting the average charge is around £150 an hour, a massive increase from the average job and you have more opportunity to increase this as you can if you want, charge whatever you want for a booking, but this isn't recommended as it can affect your business in the long run. Payments also come at a much quicker rate. Think about a normal job, you get paid your fixed amount on a certified day at the end of the month which is usually repeated every month and when you blow your wage in the first week of receiving it, well, you have three weeks to struggle from then on where you will consequently repeat the same mistake. With escorting, however, your paydays are whenever you have a booking, so if you have 10 bookings a month, it's like having ten paydays, You also get to choose your hours as an escort and if you don't feel like working, you simply don't. Although again, this will affect your business in the long run.

A small perk if you enjoy it is also the attention. Sure it can get jarring to hear guys tell you how beautiful you are over and over and over and over again but f you're having a particularly bad day or are currently suffering from some low self-esteem, hearing how beautiful you are can pick your spirits up and let's be fair, which other job do you have men worship your beauty before handing you a fistful of cash?

So there we have it, a few perks to either help you make a decision about joining the profession of escorting or some points to make you realise what lovely perks your job has, either way, remember to appreciate the little things in life and most of all, have fun! If you are interested in joining our escort agency visit our recruitment form now and apply online.