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Hey, Fiona's back online!
Hope you have all been having a great time. I know I definitely have. Had an interesting booking a few weeks ago that involved me being someone's partner for a sex party at a mansion. What an amazing time i had, everyone was drunk with great music and watching each other fuck all over the house. We spoke to one couple and his wife has been looking to get into the escort business for while now. I gave her some good advice and told her "if you love sex, why not get into the sex business". Looks like she might be joining honeys, keep an eye out for this hot new addition.


I felt so privileged today to be given the first look at the agency's new website. Being here from day one, I really feel valued and appreciated when I get opportunities like these. I have seen the agency grow and this is just the latest step in becoming the number 1 escort agency in Nottingham. When I first looked at the website, I fell in love with the design. Its clean, fresh and light something which I had previously suggested. The video on the homepage is amazing, I just don't have a bad word to say about the design. I am just looking at my calendar now, counting down the days until everyone gets to see what I was so lucky to witness today. I am sure it will blow everyone away, including all of the girls who are at the agency.

F Xheart


Hey Guys

It's your girl Fiona here

Well, as you lot know I am one of the original escorts at Honeys, you can call me an OG. Over the years I have shared so many special memories with you and have enjoyed every second. I also have seen so many different faces come and go and now in 2018, I have never been as proud to be part of this Nottingham escort agency as I am now. In the last few months, the agency has recruited some amazing girls, who I know you will love. Personally, I would like to say a big thanks to the company for giving me this platform to tell you guys what I have been up to so you can come along with me on my adventures. But this diary isn't just for me, it's for everyone who has enabled me to get to this point in my life, so if there are ever any questions or dating tips you would like me to discuss then, don't be afraid to ask and I will do my best to answering them.

I am going on a little holiday for a couple of weeks until the new website is live. I hope to hear from you all again soon.

F Xheart