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Erotic Ellie


I just heard that someone tried to book me over this weekend. I am blown away that you guys are already trying to get in touch with me despite the fact that the agency has not announced its grand reopening yet. You guys don't know how much it means to me that I am supported on my escorting journey and believe me, once I am able to meet with you, I will show you how grateful I am.devil We just have to remain patient and time will hopefully fly by.



At last, the weather has brightened up a little and the beast from the east seems to have gone. I am starting to recover from my cold after drinking around 5 bottles of medicine, but at least I will feel my normal self once the agency is ready. I must admit, I have really missed meeting you guys and girls and I am currently debating making myself available 7 days a week for the opening few weeks. I am still debating this with myself. What do you guys think, should I make myself available 7 days a week?



Why does it have to snow! angry Well, thats my plan ruined. Sorry for my bad mood guys, I will definitely have cheered up once the agency opens again in the coming weeks. The grand reopening can't come quick enough.