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Becky showing off her incredible figure sat on a table15/03/2018

Hi, its Becky again

I understand that we are all counting down the day the agency reopens and whilst I have no up to date experiences to tell you guys about, I thought I would share with you, a booking that happened a few years ago. It was one of my very first bookings and I met with a really nice older guy. He was very sweet and to be fair he didn't look as old as he was. The overall date was really good and then he invited me back to his house. This is where things get awkward. I went with him to his home and he offered me a drink. We sat there are talked for a little while, when his wife burst through the door unexpectedly. It was the worst experience ever, I just didn't know what to do. I thought the best thing to do would be to get up and go before being front row to an argument. It till this day is one of the worst bookings I have ever been on.


OMG! I have just seen the new website and it looks AMAZING!!! Can't wait for you guys to see it now.


Hi, Becky here

Not much of an update, just thought some of you guys may be interested to know that I have taken up yoga. I have been wanting to get into it for some time now and I finally bit the bullet. The lesson was intense but I think yoga can really help my day to day and professional life. I want to keep in shape because you guys only deserve the very best whilst keeping my mind refreshed. 


Hi, i'm Becky

I will be discussing with you my past bookings and how my month has been. Hope you enjoy reading my personal blog and if you have any ideas that can help me improve, be sure to contact the agency, who will pass the message on.